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Summary of Offer
Pay for a minimum of 5 hours on your first driving lesson.
Your first Four hours of tuition will be taken as Two 2 hour lessons.
Your Fifth hour of tuition will be taken within a period of 1 month from the date of your first driving lesson.
At least 5 hours of driving lessons must be completed before the theory test is passed.
You must continue with lessons at an average of at least 1 hour per week (minimum 25 hours) paid at normal lesson rates.
You will receive 5 hours for no extra fee at the end of your course of lessons.

The 5 hours will consist of:-
A 2 hour lesson taken during the four days immediately preceding the date of the driving test appointment.
A 3 hour lesson taken to coincide with the driving test appointment
(1.5 hours immediately prior to the driving test appointment time, and 1.5 hours allocation for the driving test and the return journey).

This offer is not open to existing or previous customers of Birmingham Driving School
Full Terms and Conditions of This Offer are available on Request
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5 Hours FREE
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